13:19, 23/06/2021
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Not only new drivers but even experienced drivers  if not paying attention, it is easy to make basic mistakes when stopping and parking.

Sudden redirect

If you are moving normally but  sudden change of direction is easy to cause an accident, in fact the following cars are very easy to crash into the rear of the car in front because the driver does not have time to react.


Therefore, before pulling over to the curb to park or stop, vehicle drivers need to observe the traffic situation at the time they want to turn, please note the position to be parked in advance before turning on the signal lights. Nhan. Then, slowly close to the curb but still pay attention to the rear, ensuring a safe distance for the vehicle behind to handle.

New drivers need to pay attention not to overtake but force other vehicles to the side because there is a high probability of causing an accident and should remember to observe not to turn, stop, park in places with signs prohibiting stopping cars.

Forgot to use the handbrake when parking

The mistake of forgetting to pull the handbrake is also a typical mistake in new and experienced drivers making this mistake is subjective. Drivers often subjectively think that just shifting the gear to P will make the car stand still.

However, even though the gear lever has shifted to P, the vehicle cannot move because the transmission is retained, but there are many cases where the vehicle is parked at points with a steep slope, the vehicle is under heavy load or the number of P loses its effect. If the car does not pull the handbrake, it will drift and it is easy to have an accident.

In addition, drivers should learn the habit of pulling the handbrake properly. According to the driving experience of experts, when driving an automatic transmission vehicle, the driver should follow the following procedure:  depress the foot brake - return to N - pull the handbrake - return to P - turn off the engine. This method helps to make sure the car does not jump when you accidentally lift the foot brake and still stay in D, so the driver should get in the habit of pulling the handbrake when stopping and parking.

Lack of observation when opening the car door

A lot of accidents are related to opening the car door without paying attention. Therefore, before opening the driver's door, the driver needs to observe that there is no one or any vehicle in front and behind his car.

The driver needs to observe carefully from afar when opening the car, in case a vehicle suddenly jumps up, not only the driver but even the people sitting in the car when opening the door also need to pay attention to this issue.


Turn the car inside

Many drivers have the habit of turning the car in while parking with the thought that it is simpler and more convenient. However, turning the car inward will take a long time to turn and back the car out. Assume that in an emergency situation, turning the vehicle inward will take longer to get out. In some countries, the police department also has a rule that when parking a car, the police must point the front of the car out to be able to leave as quickly as possible.


Moreover, turning the vehicle inward dangerous and easier to steal. When parking in a parking lot in a basement or a shopping mall, the space between the two cars is very small, so when you take out the car, the car in reverse may hit another vehicle passing by due to the blind spot. If you don't look closely, you may collide with people passing by the parking lot. Therefore, the correct way is to point the front of the car out to park.

On the contrary, parking the car facing out makes it easy to observe the car from a distance. In some rare cases, if children are forgotten, adults can easily detect them.

Parking in the hot sun

In the summer in our country, the temperature can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius. High temperatures can greatly damage the interior, exterior and operation if not properly protected.


As for the exterior, the harsh sunlight will make the paint quickly fade, making the car old and losing its resale value. The interior of the car also suffered serious damage, especially the dashboard and the plastic inside.

Therefore, if it is imperative to park the car in the hot sun, the driver must have an insulating film and use a tarpaulin. Do not place materials such as water bottles, soda cans, electronic devices, lighters, or food... when parking in the sun. because can lead to materials such as leather seats that are flammable, resulting in fire and explosion.

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