10:17, 09/05/2020
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Everyone knows that oil has an important influence on the life of the engine, but few people know that adding a little more with the concept of "excess is better than lacking" leaves such incalculable harm. Which? Check out some of the consequences below with AP SAIGON PETRO.

Make the machine heavy

Too much oil hinders the rotation of parts such as crankshafts, gears, etc., leading to increased friction between machine parts, consumption of raw materials and a long time leading to overheating, especially damage engine parts.

Tear off grout and smoke phenomenon

In case of pouring too much oil, it will push up the pressure in the crankcase, (because the space has not been reduced) leading to tearing of the engine seals and more dangerous when the oil overflows the crankcase vent pipe to the combustion chamber, colored smoke will appear. white (for gasoline engine vehicles) or blue-black smoke (for diesel vehicles).



Polluting the environment

Too much oil this can cause oil to spill through the vent. The job of this vent pipe is to help draw out the oil vapor in the crankcase and reduce the pressure created by the up and down process of the piston. Instead of emitting oil vapor to pollute the environment, this exhaust pipe brings oil vapor back to the combustion chamber through the air intake. In case there is too much oil in the crankcase, the oil can flow back through this pipe, enter the combustion chamber through the air inlet and as a result, the intake manifold becomes clogged due to engine oil soot.

Depending on the type of vehicle, so it is necessary to have a plan to periodically change the car's oil to ensure the smooth operation of the car, increase the life of the car and safety for ourselves.


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