06:21, 14/06/2021
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One of the ways to protect your car this summer is to use a car cover, let you note that not all tarpaulins are suitable for your car, learn with AP SAIGON PETRO how to choose the right heat resistant tarpaulin.

Depending on the needs of customers and many different car protection factors, there are 2 types on the market: car tarpaulin and car anti-heat tarpaulin. So we need to distinguish these two types of tarpaulin:

- Car tarpaulin: is a common tarpaulin, made from fabric (maybe 1 layer, can be 2 layers). This tarpaulin is mainly used to protect cars from light impacts from outside such as dust, sunny, etc.

- Automotive heat-resistant tarpaulin: Also a type of tarpaulin, but performs the function of shading and resisting heat better. The structure of heat-resistant tarpaulin consists of many layers, which play the role of heat-insulating and heat dissipation. This tarpaulin is used to maintain the normal temperature of the interior compartment and protect the car from the harmful effects of sunlight.

In this summer weather, you should choose the following heat-resistant tarpaulin so as to protect your car.

Choose a tarpaulin that matches the size of the vehicle


Please give basic information about the car you are using, do not need to be too detailed, but they need to know well about the car model, brand,... Do not provide general information such as 4-seaters, 5-seaters, or 7-seaters,... because the number of seats cannot accurately reflect the standard size and style of the vehicle.

The tarpaulin fits the car as it fits snugly against the body of the car, does not swell when covered. A small tarpaulin makes it easy to fold, store and does not take up too much space in the car, you should buy heat-resistant tarpaulin at reputable branded products.

Priority is given to the type of tarpaulin with many layers

Depending on the brand, sunscreen tarps have different structures. However, to perform well the function of sun protection, the tarpaulin must have a structure of at least 2 layers and the tarpaulin must be made from the material with the best heat resistance or insulation effect, so the new tarpaulin helps protect the details interior and exterior against the harmful effects of sunlight while preventing the cabin from overheating.

Choose canvas made from aluminum or silver coated materials

Currently, most people prefer tarpaulins with a reflective, aluminum, or silver coating, a reflective layer that reduces the heat absorbed into the car.

Some high-end heat-resistant tarpaulin products have a reflective layer made from carbon fiber, then coated with a silver coating, people who have experienced this type of tarpaulin have good reviews. Most types of tarpaulins clearly describe product information, especially the material, so you should consider choosing which one is suitable for the type of car you own!

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