Not only new drivers but even experienced drivers  if not paying attention, it is easy to make basic mistakes when stopping and parking.

One of the ways to protect your car this summer is to use a car cover, let you note that not all tarpaulins are suitable for your car, learn with AP SAIGON PETRO how to choose the right heat resistant tarpaulin.

You probably pay little attention to this, electronics, lighters, carbonated water, ... are seemingly harmless items but are dangerous, affecting our health if the car encounters high heat outdoor.

The car registration is not too strict, if during the vehicle registration process you meet the requirements. You will be granted a certificate of technical safety and environmental protection or an extension of the permit for cars to be on the road.

In the summer weather, when moving, not only makes us feel uncomfortable, but the car also needs more protection and care at this time, a detail on the car that few people notice that the sunroof on the sunny days do not have the ability to block heat well, causing the car's temperature to rise, making you even more stuffy.

When the vehicle is moving on the road, if we see signs of vibration, shock, if we do not pay attention and do not promptly change the fork, it can cause many dangers on the road.

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