The car registration is not too strict, if during the vehicle registration process you meet the requirements. You will be granted a certificate of technical safety and environmental protection or an extension of the permit for cars to be on the road.

In the summer weather, when moving, not only makes us feel uncomfortable, but the car also needs more protection and care at this time, a detail on the car that few people notice that the sunroof on the sunny days do not have the ability to block heat well, causing the car's temperature to rise, making you even more stuffy.

When the vehicle is moving on the road, if we see signs of vibration, shock, if we do not pay attention and do not promptly change the fork, it can cause many dangers on the road.

Driving at night is more dangerous than during the day because your vision at night will be limited, low light can make you feel tired and drowsy. When driving out of the city, especially on long distances, you need to be extra careful on your trip.  Let’s see tips to help improve drivers' vision at night below!

Most people think that the car is a very convenient means of transportation, both avoiding the sun and covering the rain. However, if you lack the necessary skills, it will lead to your car breaking down quickly, costly to repair and giving you a lot of trouble, especially when driving in the rainy season.

The steering system is an automobile control system mechanism that provides directional control to the driver. Surely anyone who has ever driven a car will also encounter the phenomenon of heavy steering and slow steering, these problems will be very dangerous when traveling at high speed. What causes the steering wheel to be difficult to turn? Let's refer infomation below.

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