Recruitment policy

About the training program::

- In order to create conditions for employees to actively study and improve their qualifications according to the resource development plan, the Company will provide training allowances for a number of cases where the employees are capable and effective. Specifically, employees in the training plan will be subsidized to participate in professional training courses such as: Management, Engineering, Technology, foreign languages, etc. in the direction of the Company's employee promotion plan.

About the insurance::

- Employers are responsible for properly and fully implementing regulations on social insurance (social insurance) and health insurance for employees.

- Employees who take sick leave, sick child leave, maternity leave, maternity leave, antenatal care, family planning are paid by social insurance instead of salary for the days off according to current regulations of the State.

- Employees are entitled to convalescence and health rehabilitation after illness, maternity, and treatment for injuries and illnesses according to current regulations of Social Insurance.

- In addition to social insurance, the employer will buy accident insurance 24/24 for all employees who have signed labor contracts and are working at the company. When occupational accidents and other risks occur, employees are entitled to benefits paid by the insurance company.

Marriage allowance::

Employees who have worked at the company for 12 months or more, when getting married according to the law on marriage and family, are entitled to an allowance of 1,000,000 VND/person. Employees who have worked at the company for less than 12 months when getting married according to the law on marriage and family are entitled to a subsidy equal to 50% of the above-mentioned allowance.

Note: Employees are only entitled to receive benefits 01 (one) time during their working time at the company, the proof of marriage allowance is the Marriage Registration Certificate.

Bereavement allowance:

If parents die, a spouse dies, a child dies, APSP will provide a allowance and visit a wreath of about 1,000,000 VND and 1,000,000 VND in cash/person.

Sick allowance::

- Salary during sick days: depending on each case and specific circumstances, employees can choose one of the following ways:

Case       Leave regime Salary

Do not take the certificate of the health insurance department

Subtract annual leave day  100 percent basic salary
Take the certificate of the health insurance department Sick leave 75% percent basic salary (because health insurance department pay for this fee)
Do not have the certificate of the health insurance department and do not + do not have annual leave day Unpaid leave No

- Sick child leave: Employees who are parents who directly raise children will be allowed to take leave to take care of sick children according to the State's regulations.

Maternity allowance for female employees::

- Female employees who are on maternity leave are entitled to maternity benefits, and the company will receive a monthly allowance equal to 01 (one) month's basic salary.

Birthday gift::

- Employees who sign an official labor contract at the company, on their birthday (according to their ID card) are given a gift or cash value of 200,000 VND by the company.

Periodic health check::

All employees of the Company are held a periodical health check once a year.

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