08:38, 01/06/2021
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When the vehicle is moving on the road, if we see signs of vibration, shock, if we do not pay attention and do not promptly change the fork, it can cause many dangers on the road.

Shock absorbers have an important role in helping to absorb shocks for cars and they operate throughout the process of the vehicle moving. According to the manufacturer's recommendation, you should replace the fork after a distance of 48,000 - 64,000 km.

If you do not recognize this phenomenon in time, the oil will melt and your car will not be able to absorb shocks during operation, which poses a potential risk of traffic safety when traveling long distances.

Warning signs that need to change car suspension soon

Uneven wear on tires

Tires are parts that are in direct contact with the road surface, if the tire has uneven wear grooves, it can be considered the cause of the shock absorber. Unevenly worn car tires indicate poor grip on the road, so drivers need to regularly check and replace them to ensure smooth operation.

Strong shaking

Shock absorbers are responsible for absorbing vibrations during vehicle movement. However, it is completely normal for the car to jolt, but if the car is too jerky even on flat roads, you need to have the shock absorbers checked.


The car slips and gets swerved on the road

Vehicle skidding and misalignment on flat roads can be caused by the steering wheel, uneven tire surface wear. In addition, the shock absorber can also cause this phenomenon.

Slow response of the accelerator pedal

When the shock absorbers are underperforming, your car will take longer to react to the brakes, a bad shock absorber will increase stopping distance by 20%. Therefore, when you encounter this problem, you need to replace the fork immediately.

The front of the car bounces sharply when braking sharply

When the front of the car bounces sharply due to the impact of sudden braking or the vehicle wobbles during a turn, it is a sign that the suspension system is damaged or too weak. If you still try to use the vehicle, this makes it difficult for the driver to control and reduces visibility. Especially dangerous on slippery, wet roads.

Unusual noises and vibrations felt through the steering wheel

Similar to the case of vibrations, abnormal noises in the vehicle are also a common symptom caused by a faulty fork. In addition, such strong vibration can affect other parts of the vehicle.

If the forks are good, it won't have any unusual vibrations through the handlebars. On the other hand, this will make the wheel in optimal contact with the road surface and not produce any abnormal sound.

You need to bring the car to professional maintenance centers for periodic vehicle inspection, fork inspection, periodic oil change for cars to ensure the trip is always smooth and safe.

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