19:55, 09/06/2021
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You probably pay little attention to this, electronics, lighters, carbonated water, ... are seemingly harmless items but are dangerous, affecting our health if the car encounters high heat outdoor.

When parked in the sun for a long time, the temperature rising from the ground plus direct sunlight under the sun 39 - 40 degrees Celsius can lead to the temperature inside the car can reach 60 degrees Celsius or higher. At that time, many items left in the car are at risk of exploding or even when used will be harmful to health. Therefore, you should note that some of the following items should not be left in the car when parking in this hot weather!


Many people who have a habit of smoking and always leave a lighter in the car, although little attention is paid, this action has unexpected dangers because the temperature in the car increases, the amount of gas in the lighter is strongly expanded and may spontaneously explode.


Electronic device

Some devices such as: chargers, old phones, cameras, flashlights, solar clocks, etc. all have built-in power supplies, which can cause fire and explosion if they encounter high temperatures.

Besides, the amount of acid in the battery is easy to leak out in hot weather, which will harm the skin and eyes of the person in contact.

Medicines and cosmetics

During hot summer days, many women have the habit of wearing sunscreen and skin-supporting cosmetics. However, it is a fact that these cosmetics are highly sensitive to temperature. Many people have admitted to exploding sunscreen bottles, especially sprays. Besides, the high temperature will heat the cream tube making it impossible to use immediately on the skin.

Not only that, the temperature in the car in the sun can cause the ingredients in the tablets and capsules to change, making the medicine ineffective or even directly dangerous to us.

Cabonated water

Carbonated drinks often have a large amount of gas and when the temperature of the car rises, it can cause carbonated bottles and cans to explode.


Turning a car into a grocery store with dozens of fresh foods, vegetables and candies is a habit for many people. However, after taking out food from the refrigerator, if left in the car for a long time in hot conditions, it will produce substances that are not good for the body.

Leaving a lot of food in the car also makes your "driver" smell strange, causing discomfort when sitting in the car.

With the above small notes, AP SAIGON PETRO hopes that you will have more experience to experience it safely on your car.

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