08:50, 03/06/2021
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In the summer weather, when moving, not only makes us feel uncomfortable, but the car also needs more protection and care at this time, a detail on the car that few people notice that the sunroof on the sunny days do not have the ability to block heat well, causing the car's temperature to rise, making you even more stuffy.

In the past, the sunroof was considered a valuable equipment on luxury cars to help the driver become modern and the interior space is airy, now the sunroof is a common equipment of the cars. Common.

In Vietnam, in the summer with the sun over 40 degrees, the sunroof is an obsession for users, with the material being a large glass panel combined with a thin canvas made of fabric inside, or more advanced. is a thick shield of fabric-covered foam; sunroof does not have good heat resistance.


To overcome this situation, AP SAIGON PETRO JSC suggests that you can apply more insulating film on the glass of the sunroof, helping to reduce the temperature and sunlight directly into the car. In particular, you should choose insulating films of reputable brands to ensure heat insulation, sun protection, UV protection as well as product durability.

Besides, you can also add sunshades on the sunroof because these sunshades are cheap but provide a relatively good heat blocking effect.

If you often have to park your car in the middle of a hot afternoon, the interior will also be adversely affected by overheating. To limit this situation, it is best to limit parking in strong sunlight. If you must park in the sun, you should equip the car with tarpaulins or better, specialized umbrellas for cars.

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